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Conspiratorial Posture By The District Attorney 's Office Aimed At Move


The MOVE ORGANIZATION  surfaced in the early 1970's, we initiated hundreds of peaceful demonstrations against institutions that exploit , abuse,and murder children, The elderly, animals, and the environment . We brought out in the open the abusive state owned and privately run homes for orphaned/problem children, and the infirm elderly , we protested animal experimental laboratories ,big industrial corporations that poison the air, water,and soil daily. We went into each  situation equipped with our belief  THE TEACHING OF JOHN AFRICA  to right the wrong that was being done, which no one could refute. The people running these institutions would call the cops on us and they would automatically take sides with these institutions and physically assault MOVE People.
They would lock us up , beat us up and put all kinds of trumped up charges on us to keep us in jail.This is  how MOVE first got involved with the police and court system. MOVE  spoke out against the abuse, successfully bringing attention on police brutality in Philadelphia . The police began a concerted campaign of harassment and abuse against MOVE . This is when the conspiracy against MOVE started . Between 1973-1977 , MOVE people were arrested and beaten hundreds of times ,MOVE  women were beaten into miscarriages , five of our babies were murdered .

1974- District Attorney  Emmet Fitzpatrick refused to accept our complaints filed by MOVE concerning the assault and abuse by police officers, he said the charges were unfounded and invalid.
This made it necessary for MOVE to take a serious protective stand to defend ourselves against any further bloody beatings,miscarriages ,or murdered babies by the hands of the cops.

May 20th 1977 -Move initiated a demonstration on the platform we built in front of our house , and told officials over a loud speaker , that there will be no more sneak attacks , no more babies murdered , by cops, no more unjust imprisonment by prosecutors and judges and no more Move men, women, and children brutalized  from now on if there was any beating murdering injustice done to Move be prepared to do it out in the open , in full sight of  the public for the whole world to see. We took the posture of  self defense . The police department did not try to attack us or come in our home to arrest us the way they always did before  when they saw we were defenseless. From that day on , our house was surrounded and kept under a close 24 hour surveillance so we couldn't leave the house without being arrested on trumped up charges.

May 20th 1977- police commissioner , Joseph o'Neil stated publicly that it is not a crime for Move to have weapons on our own property .

May 24th 1977-  Commissioner O'Neil contradicted his self by getting judge Lynn Abraham to issue arrest warrants for Move Members on weapons charges.

November 1977 - District Attorney  Ed Rendell failed to prosecute Move within the 180 day time limit  of the warrants being issued on May 24th ,also failed to file a timely request for  the extension of rule 1100 . According to legal law , The District was  supposed to lose the authority  to prosecute the defendent in violation of rule 1100.

November 21st 1977- Assistant District Attorney Wilhelm Knauer and John Straub,filed for an extension of rule 1100 that had expired on November 12th ,1977. The request should have been meaningless yet it was accepted by the legal system and later ruled on by Judge Edward Blake in
February of 1978.  Judge Blake gave The District Attorney until 90 days after the actual arrest  of Move People to begin prosecution , this legal contradiction is compounded by Judge Blake because he accepted  The District Attorney's untimely request and granted The District Attorney an extension of time. Judge Blake ruled untimely petition when no Move people or delegate was present to represent Move's interest . District Attorney Rendell through Knauer and Straub said Move could be prosecuted within 180 days because Move was barricaded within Move Headquaters but Rendell knew this could not excuse him from filing a timely request for an extension of rule 1100 , as legal laws state. Sue Africa who was involved in The May 20th ,1977 confrontation was arrested on June 12th 1977 and was in prison the entire time, not Move Headquaters yet District Attorney  Rendell through his assistance Knauer and Straub failed to prosecute Sue by by November 12th 1977 or file a timely request for extension of rule 1100.

March ,1978 -Philadelphia Mayor Frank Rizzo and District Attorney Ed Rendell got a court order from The Pennsylvania Supreme Court to institute a starvation blockade -the city cordoned off a 3 block radius around the house , they turned off water and denied us access to food, They arrested  anybody who got caught trying to give us food and water. There were pregnant women and breast feeding babies and young children in the house along with the adults.After so much pressure from the public the city officials began mediation efforts which resulted in a ten point agreement proposed to Move.

May of 1978 - Weapons were turned over to the city , the police searched our house ,no weapons were found , Once examined , All the weapons were found to be inoperable . Move people were processed on the weapons charges stemming from May 20th 1977 confrontation.. Before Move was processed on these charges the city agreed to release all Move Political Prisoners and drop all outstanding charges within 4-6 weeks.

May 8 th, 1978 After 55 Days , the starvation blockade was lifted .

May 19th 1978 After the agreement was finalized , the city insisted that Move not come to court .Attorney Oscar Gaskins went to court on Move's behalf.

Judge Dibona's order of May 3,1978 said Move People was to vacate Move Headquaters within 90 days. Move never agreed to this.District Attorney Ed Rendell , publicly stated that all outstanding charges against Move People would be dismissed. And we would be released on our own recognizance within 4-6 weeks of the cities agreement ,but when Move was processed on those weapons charges , the case was listed for June 13th ,1978 ,before Judge Smith . Contradicting the 4 to 6 weeks dismissal of charges stated by District Attorney Rendell. Judge Smith denied all pretrial motions raised on behalf of Move including the motion to dismiss the case under rule 1100. He continued the weapons case until August 9 th, 1978 for trial before Judge William Marutani.

July 1978 - District Attorney  Ed Rendell ,through his Assistant District Attorneys's ,Knauer and Straub requested Judge Blake reconsider his five month old February ruling on the Da's petition to extend rule 1100. Judge Blake reconsidered his February order and extended the deadline for trying Move until November ,1978.

August 2,1978, Police Inspector George Fencl went to Judge Dibona ,a civil Judge who was also involved with the cities agreement and testified to seeing three Move People still at The Move House.Move never agreed to leave Move Headquaters and there was never an eviction order for Move to vacate . Legal Law states that a defendant is supposed to get at least 20 days notice of a hearing but this was contradicted by the legal system in Judge Dibona who summoned 20 Move People to come before him that same afternoon to show cause why he should not hold Move in civil contempt for staying in Move Headquaters past August 1st , 1978.

Judge Dibona's legal contradictions were further revealed when he issued further fraudulent criminal warrants on Move People knowing he had no jurisdiction over the criminal litigation. Judge Dibona issued bail warrants for Move People with the court numbers of the weapons case from May 20th 1977 , knowing the case was under Judge Marutani's jurisdiction . District Attorney Ed Rendell assistant's Knauer and Straub, who made up the warrants knew Dibona had no jurisdiction over the matter . Judge Dibona claimed the issue was Move People refusing to leave Move Headquaters ,but it is clear that the issue was not Move Headquaters or Move refusing to leave because Dibona knowing issued fraudulent warrants for two Move People he knew was in Richmond Virginia not in Philadelphia .After August 8th 1978 ,he did not revoke the criminal warrants he issued on Alberta, Dennis,Carlos,Frank,and Raymond Africa even though they knew he was not in the house.The District Attorney along with the rest of these gangsters was only concerned with killing Move off ,even if they had to violate legal laws to do it.

August 8th 1978 3:00 in the morning city officials came to our house with warrants to arrest all occupants of the house. These warrants were issued by Judge Fred Dibona , he said Move Violated a August 2nd 1978 civil court order by not appearing . Over 600 cops, k9, the fire department,came to our house armed with machine guns , Uzi rifles,,mini rugers, all types of automatic and semi automatic weapons,  they came with a tank , a crane, bulldozers,deluged water cannons, tear gas,smoke bombs,and grenades and the intent to kill. In their frenzy to kill Move ,they wounded and killed their own cop. Move was arraigned on charges of assault ,attempted murder, and the murder of a police officer. On August 8th 1978  The Philadelphia officials destroyed physical evidence in a serious murder trial when they demolished The Move House. It is an automatic legal procedure to protect the scene of the crime. Despite this obvious historical procedure The District Attorney's Office, The Police Department, and The Judges twisted this procedure in the face of the world , then told people we had a fair trial.

District Attorney's Wilhelm Knauer and John Straub  tried to lay ground work during the beginning of the trial , to use The May 20th 1977 demonstration as evidence to say Move conspired to kill cops on August 8th 1978 . The District Attorney's first witness Dr. Robert Catherman, Assistant Medical Examiner who took part in the autopsy of Officer James Ramp , said Ramp's death was caused by a single gunshot wound at the upper left side at the top of the chest, below the collar bone. He said  in the post mortem report the word right appeared in three places where it should have said left. He said he called the discrepancy with the report , to the attention of assistant District Attorney Knauer shortly before the hearing. District Attorney Knauer , changed the official report presented in court ,shortly before the hearing Knauer penciled in a L   Over the top of the words right. Which caused a discrepancy with the report, pertaining to the entry wound and the course of the bullet that killed Ramp. Charges were not brought against Knauer and he was not sent to jail for tampering with evidence.  District Attorney Knauer tampered with evidence in a serious murder case where people's freedom was at stake. The police Department was to investigate Ramp's death , a ballistics test was to be conducted by police personnel and a autopsy by the city medical examiner as a result of the discrepancy  of the medical report. John White , a spokesman for District Attorney Ed Rendell , said prosecution of Move People will be made a lot more difficult because the house was destroyed and their was no way to determine the path or course of the bullet that killed  Ramp.

District Attorney's Knauer and Straub was allowed by Judge Merna Marshall to use pictures and diagrams of The Move House as evidence against us because they had destroyed necessary physical evidence , meanwhile this is the same judge who ruled pictures of a three week old Move baby killed by police March 6th,1976 could not be used as evidence against the police.District Attorney Knauer tried to imply that the weapon that killed Ramp was supposedly confiscated from Move Headquaters,it later came out in court that police had used the same type of weapons  that day of the raid. The test of the bullet fragment taken from Ramp's body was determined inconclusive and incomplete because their was not enough bullet fragment to prove which gun the bullet came from.
According to every account , the fatal bullet that killed Ramp traveled downward. It is impossible for somebody in the basement to shoot somebody standing over them on street level and have the bullet travel downwards. The District Attorney's Office , The City had an obvious conspiracy which is proven in these noted facts . It should be clear that it is impossible for The District Attorney or The City Of Philadelphia to conduct and unbiased investigation of Move or itself.

May 1980 - 9 Move Members found guilty of 3rd degree murder, Criminal Attempted Murder,and Criminal Conspiracy.

August 4th 1981 -  9 Move Members were sentenced to 30-100 years in prison by Judge Edwin Malmed. Move have been in prison now for 36 years for a crime we didn't commit. No Cops, District Attorney's, Judges or City Officials have ever been held accountable for the unjustified beating, Jailing, and Murders of innocent Move Men, Women, and Children including The May 13th 1985 bombing and murdering of 11 innocent Move Members. Even with documented proof that the city officials abetted by the cops, and the Da's and judges deliberately plotted, planned and conspired to murder Move People.The Philadelphia District Attorney's  May 13th 1985 investigation refused to indite any state or city officials. Reports of the investigation turned over to District Attorney Ronald Castille were never turned over to the Federal Grand Jury..

The Parole Board is another agency added in the conspiracy against Move. Move people became eligible for release in 2008 after spending 30 years in prison, but we were denied parole and have been denied every year since , and not eligible to see the parole board until 2016 eight years after our minimum.

Janet Africa
Move Political Prisoner

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Move 9 Monday's Hold Seth Williams Accountable .

Ona Move 

It has been close to one year now and The Justice And Accountability Campaign is still in full swing. The Pa Parole Board has been fully exposed on the issue of them keeping innocent Move people in prison six years past their minimum sentence. The Fraternal Order Of Police and other police unions have now gone quiet over the issue of parole for The Move 9 with their public smear campaign.

There is still one culprit that has to be held accountable in his role in helping to keep to keep Move people in prison and that is Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams.
As we stated in an earlier statement Seth Williams from 2010 - to the present day has consistently  given negative parole recommendations against parole for The Move 9. The
Question you may ask is what is this based on ?

This Government is using Seth Williams as their self appointed hit man as it did Wilson Goode in 1985. In 1985 this government dropped a bomb on The Move Organization killing six adults and five children and Wilson Goode The cities first Black Mayor was placed in this position by this Government to drop a bomb on the house of The Move Organization and Murder six adults and five children so that race would not be an issue.

Now In 2014 This Governments new appointed hit man for hire Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams is being used to help keep Move People in prison so race won't be seen as an issue cause he is black.Whats worse is that this sellout is happy with the job that this Government has given him. We are not fooled by this ploy and the public should
Not be fooled by this not one bit. 

Enough is Enough starting this Monday 6/30 and every Monday this summer until  Monday 8/25 we are asking people to call The Office Of The Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams at his office and hold him accountable for his role in keeping innocent Move People in prison. Call his office at  (215) 686-8000 extension 3 .Call and demand The Release Of Move Political Prisoners let your voices be heard now is the time.

Ona Move 

The Justice And Accountability Campaign
For More Info You Can Contact Rebelchild170@
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Philadelphia DA Is Holding The Move 9 Hostage.

For close to one year now we have been focused on exposing the Pennsylvania Parole Board's illegal and unjust parole denials of The Move 9. We have exposed the police and 
Their role in the influence of the parole denials and have also exposed the role of Both Randy Feathers and Lloyd White two former police officers who now sit on The Pennsylvania Parole Board and over the parole hearings of The Move 9.

The one aspect that has yet to be exposed until now is that is the role of The Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams. Since taking office in 2010 Seth Williams for a period of 
Four years 2010-2014 has given negative parole recommendations to The Pa Parole Board regarding parole for The Move 9. Seth Williams in fact stated that this would be
A blatant disregard for The law if The Move 9 was to be paroled .

First of all Seth Williams knows nothing about this case he was only eleven years
Old when The Move 9 was arrested on 8/8/78. On every parole denial of The Move 
Over the past four years their has been a negative recommendation made by Seth
Williams. Seth Williams like past District Attorney 's of Philadelphia  Lynn Abraham,and 
Edward Rendell has only one thing in mind and that's to keep innocent Move people in jail.

This has nothing to do with Justice cause if Seth Williams was concerned about Justice
then these murderous ass police that walks the streets of Philadelphia murdering Blacks,Latino's , and Poor  Whites would be brought to justice.This fool is nothing more
Than a mere tool being used by this government and The Fraternal Order Of Police nothing more than a pawn to keep Move people locked up in prison.

Prison officials who are around Move People on a daily basis have for years now
Recommended Move people for parole. These are wardens and Counselors that 
Know and have worked with The Move 9 for thirty six years have their recommendation 's
Consistently disregarded by a man who once again was only eleven years old on 8/8/78
When The Move 9 was arrested  and his word is strongly taken into effect .

This is a man who is sending our children Black , Latino, and Poor Whites to prison at 
A alarming rate and letting brutal and killer cops walk the streets with immunity now
Has the influence to play a determining factor in these parole hearings.District Attorney's
Across the country are working side by side with Law Enforcement Officials and Parole
Boards to re sentence our Political Prisoners to life in prison.

The Move 9, Herman Bell, Ruchell Magee, Sundiata Acoli have all received negative
Recommendations from District Attorney's for parole at their respective hearings.Seth Williams  went as far as running for District Attorney of Philadelphia on a campaign of
Having Mumia Abu Jamal executed if he made office. This shows the kind of Maniac
That we are dealing with and the danger that is in this Legalized Gangster .

Ona Move 



SOUTH BROOKLYN. ABCF.         DENVER. ABCF.            
                                                                                                                                            THE NEW YORK CITY COALITION TO FREE MUMIA ABU JAMAL  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Update on Debbie's Hearing

As of now, we are under the impression that Debbie's hearing will be held on Tuesday, May 13th.  On the 29th anniversary of State and City Officials outright blatant murder of 11 Move men, women, and children the parole board has decided to give Debbie her hearing.

On May 12th and May 13th, we are calling for people to Occupy the Phone Lines of the PA Parole Board in support of Parole For Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307. Call the PA Parole Board at (717) 772-4343 and Demand Parole for Our Sister. Talking points are here.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Start Making Your Calls

Ona Move Everyone !

It was brought to our attention that Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307 was notified in late April that she might have an early parole hearing.  We find this to be very strange because Debbie's hearing wasn't set until some time in late May.  

The Parole Board may be giving Debbie an early hearing to divert supporters and sweep what they do under the rug. They are under a tremendous amount of pressure over the issue of The Move 9 and Parole and now they are trying to push their illegal denials of Move people under the radar and out the eyes of the general public. We are not fools and we see exactly what these legalized misfits are up to.

Since it takes a few weeks to a month for the Board to make an official decision after a parole hearing, we need people to start flooding the phone lines of The PA Parole Board and demand parole for Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307. We need The lines flooded for the next three days including the weekend when they are closed. Leave a message on their voicemail in regards to Debbie getting parole. The PA Parole Board can be reached at (717) 772-4343 24 hours a day seven days a week whether it's a live person or a voicemail.

It's clear that The PA Parole Board has been monitoring our actions and is trying it's best to stay a step ahead of us. Our National Solidarity Week for Debbie is still set for May 5th thru May 9th. For people to call The Parole Board in support of Debbie, but due to the situation we are calling now to hold these misfits accountable for what they are trying to do. 

let's get ona move everyone.

Ona Move 

Orie, Mona, Ann, Illy, Margie

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Debbie Africa Parole Solidarity Week

Ona Move Everybody !

First, we would just like to thank all the people who took the time to write 
letters in support of Parole for Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307.  We are upping the ante in this parole campaign and intend to keep the Pressure on the PA Parole Board until Debbie and the rest of the Move 9 are released from prison.

Since 2008 The Parole Board has played continuous games with the lives and release of our family. Well, Enough is Enough! The games are now over.

We are officially announcing Debbie Africa Solidarity Week which will 
be taking place May 5th thru May 9th. It's this simple: We are asking that
during that week people call the PA Parole Board at (717) 772-4343
and demand the immediate parole of Debbie (Sims) Africa 006307. Here 
are some key points that you can make when you call in.

(1) Has received a positive recommendation from both the Warden and Superintendent of her prison for parole.

(2) Debbie has employment and housing both set up for her if she is paroled.

(3) Debbie has an excellent prison conduct record.

These are just some of the points that people can make.
So don't forget to make those calls at (717) 772-4343.

Ona Move 

Orie, Mona, Ann, Illy, and Margie

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sample letter for Debbie's Parole

Please either write a parole support letter for Debbie in your own words, or right-click on the sample letter below to download and print.  Just add your name and address in the upper right corner and signature at the bottom.  Even though the letter is addressed to the Parole Board, send your letter to The Move Organization at P.O. Box 19709, Philadelphia, PA 19143 so they can be collected before they are passed on to the Board. 
Please make sure your letter arrives by May 4th.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thank You

Hey we just wanted to send out a special thank you to all of the people who took the time out to read The Move 9 Chronicles. We would like to thank the the different people in France who read and reported the info, our supporters in Mexico City and here in the states who reported our info, our good friends from The NYC Coalition to Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition and NYC Jericho as well. We couldn't write this without acknowledging sister Margie from South Brooklyn ABCF for The wonderful pieces that she contributed on her recent visits with Chuck and Mike Africa.

By reading the Chronicles, people can see why we feel the way we do about The Move 9 and why we are fighting so hard to bring them home. So don't forget to make your calls to the PA Parole Board every Monday to demand the release of The Move 9. You can reach the PA Parole Board at (717) 772-4343. Call get involved and get ona move for The Move 9.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I remember brief things from when I was younger like driving up to the prisons to see our family, or playing in a large plain room with my sisters and brothers. The small chats and the story telling of the old and new days. The picture sharing, and the 'y'all growing up so fast! When we come home y'all gonna be bigger than us.'

The feeling I most remember was leaving my family in a cold harsh, unfair place, knowing damn well this system put them away because they stood up for life. They spoke the truth to the fullest, you can't find one person in the world who deep down doesn't think our belief isn't true.  MOVE LAW IS VERY POWERFUL BASED ON MOTHER NATURE GOD.

JOHN AFRICA teaches us that LIFE is the priority. Nothing is more important than, or as important as life. The force that keeps us alive. All LIFE comes from one source from GOD, MOTHER NATURE, MAMA. Each individual life is dependent on every other life, and all life has a purpose, So all living beings, things that move, are equally important whether they are human beings, dogs, cats, birds, trees, ants, weeds, rivers, winds and rain.

It's all life and it's important but the system sees it as if humans are better than a tree, better than a panda, dog, cat, and any other form of life. After a while, they began saying that one race is better than the other! Hate surrounds us every day in this horrible society we live in. When you go outside, you're welcomed with menacing stares and evil looks. Kids can't be welcomed by other kids if their skin or clothes are different. It's like you're put on a platform and judged over and over again.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Move Brothers and Sisters

Ona Move

I wanna tell you how much Move members in prison have influenced my life. Between the Move members stuck in prison still fighting to get out and the Move members out here, fighting to free our brothers and sisters, every one of them has had a lasting effect on me. There are no words that can really express my feelings; I want you to know that, but I'll try by telling you this story. I always wanted to express my love and loyalty to my family in prison all across PA. I remember crying when I was trying to convince a man I thought was my father of the importance of the Move family locked in those prisons, trying to make him understand how much I loved them and how bad things he was doing was hurting them and not helping them to come home.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Phil Africa


Phil Africa’s example pushes me to work hard and never ever give up, to never stop fighting for JOHN AFRICA’s belief which teaches us to always fight for life no matter how big or small the situation.  LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA FOREVER!  On August 8, 1978, Phil Africa stood up for not only the MOVE family but for all life’s family!  All life have to drink clean water, not chemicals; breathe fresh air, not pollution; grow food in clean fresh dirt, not poison.  Phil put out strong information about animal abuse and demonstrated against the enslavement and persecution of all life. Phil Africa is always passing down the Teaching of JOHN AFRICA and he explained to me how serious it is being a MOVE member, how important it is to people all over the world to show them how to free themselves from this wicked, rotten-ass, reform system.  Phil was also telling us how we must be the protectors and voice for all living things who cannot speak for themselves.  And to this day, 36 years later, Phil Africa is still fighting for what’s right, without compromise.  LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA FOREVER!  Phil’s example of consistent loyalty motivates me to keep fighting this rotten-ass reform system.  The MOVE 9 are innocent; MOVE don’t believe in nothing invented by this reform system, the government, military, industry, which is why this system wants to stop us from exposing their corrupt ass, even if they have to kill us.  TO QUOTE JOHN AFRICATHE COORDINATOR, "THE MOVE ORGANIZATION AIN’T JUST A THING YOU JUDGES AND COPS CAN SEE, THE POWER OF MOVE IS THE FORCE YOU CAN’T SEE…" - JOHN AFRICA.

Josh Africa

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chuck Africa


My name is Brian Africa, and I’m inspired by Chucky Africa and all MOVE members in prison because of the strong example they set, never 
backin' down from this stagnated system after all these years (36) in prison.  This rotten system will never stop MOVE because they can’t stop life; life is MOVE’s ally, our Belief.  LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA FOREVER!  In 1977, Rizzo told the world he was going to, “drag MOVE out the house by the scruff of they neck” and MOVE wouldn’t back down.  When the house was surrounded by hundreds of armed cops, MOVE still wouldn’t back down.  MOVE kept putting out the truth, they wouldn’t stop!  36 years later MOVE is still in prison, still putting out the truth, still fighting for what’s right and that example inspires me to keep fightin' this rotten corrupt system.


Brian Africa