Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sample letter for Debbie's Parole

Please either write a parole support letter for Debbie in your own words, or right-click on the sample letter below to download and print.  Just add your name and address in the upper right corner and signature at the bottom.  Even though the letter is addressed to the Parole Board, send your letter to The Move Organization at P.O. Box 19709, Philadelphia, PA 19143 so they can be collected before they are passed on to the Board. 
Please make sure your letter arrives by May 4th.


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Thank You

Hey we just wanted to send out a special thank you to all of the people who took the time out to read The Move 9 Chronicles. We would like to thank the the different people in France who read and reported the info, our supporters in Mexico City and here in the states who reported our info, our good friends from The NYC Coalition to Free Mumia Abu Jamal Coalition and NYC Jericho as well. We couldn't write this without acknowledging sister Margie from South Brooklyn ABCF for The wonderful pieces that she contributed on her recent visits with Chuck and Mike Africa.

By reading the Chronicles, people can see why we feel the way we do about The Move 9 and why we are fighting so hard to bring them home. So don't forget to make your calls to the PA Parole Board every Monday to demand the release of The Move 9. You can reach the PA Parole Board at (717) 772-4343. Call get involved and get ona move for The Move 9.

Sunday, March 23, 2014


I remember brief things from when I was younger like driving up to the prisons to see our family, or playing in a large plain room with my sisters and brothers. The small chats and the story telling of the old and new days. The picture sharing, and the 'y'all growing up so fast! When we come home y'all gonna be bigger than us.'

The feeling I most remember was leaving my family in a cold harsh, unfair place, knowing damn well this system put them away because they stood up for life. They spoke the truth to the fullest, you can't find one person in the world who deep down doesn't think our belief isn't true.  MOVE LAW IS VERY POWERFUL BASED ON MOTHER NATURE GOD.

JOHN AFRICA teaches us that LIFE is the priority. Nothing is more important than, or as important as life. The force that keeps us alive. All LIFE comes from one source from GOD, MOTHER NATURE, MAMA. Each individual life is dependent on every other life, and all life has a purpose, So all living beings, things that move, are equally important whether they are human beings, dogs, cats, birds, trees, ants, weeds, rivers, winds and rain.

It's all life and it's important but the system sees it as if humans are better than a tree, better than a panda, dog, cat, and any other form of life. After a while, they began saying that one race is better than the other! Hate surrounds us every day in this horrible society we live in. When you go outside, you're welcomed with menacing stares and evil looks. Kids can't be welcomed by other kids if their skin or clothes are different. It's like you're put on a platform and judged over and over again.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Move Brothers and Sisters

Ona Move

I wanna tell you how much Move members in prison have influenced my life. Between the Move members stuck in prison still fighting to get out and the Move members out here, fighting to free our brothers and sisters, every one of them has had a lasting effect on me. There are no words that can really express my feelings; I want you to know that, but I'll try by telling you this story. I always wanted to express my love and loyalty to my family in prison all across PA. I remember crying when I was trying to convince a man I thought was my father of the importance of the Move family locked in those prisons, trying to make him understand how much I loved them and how bad things he was doing was hurting them and not helping them to come home.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Phil Africa


Phil Africa’s example pushes me to work hard and never ever give up, to never stop fighting for JOHN AFRICA’s belief which teaches us to always fight for life no matter how big or small the situation.  LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA FOREVER!  On August 8, 1978, Phil Africa stood up for not only the MOVE family but for all life’s family!  All life have to drink clean water, not chemicals; breathe fresh air, not pollution; grow food in clean fresh dirt, not poison.  Phil put out strong information about animal abuse and demonstrated against the enslavement and persecution of all life. Phil Africa is always passing down the Teaching of JOHN AFRICA and he explained to me how serious it is being a MOVE member, how important it is to people all over the world to show them how to free themselves from this wicked, rotten-ass, reform system.  Phil was also telling us how we must be the protectors and voice for all living things who cannot speak for themselves.  And to this day, 36 years later, Phil Africa is still fighting for what’s right, without compromise.  LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA FOREVER!  Phil’s example of consistent loyalty motivates me to keep fighting this rotten-ass reform system.  The MOVE 9 are innocent; MOVE don’t believe in nothing invented by this reform system, the government, military, industry, which is why this system wants to stop us from exposing their corrupt ass, even if they have to kill us.  TO QUOTE JOHN AFRICATHE COORDINATOR, "THE MOVE ORGANIZATION AIN’T JUST A THING YOU JUDGES AND COPS CAN SEE, THE POWER OF MOVE IS THE FORCE YOU CAN’T SEE…" - JOHN AFRICA.

Josh Africa

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Chuck Africa


My name is Brian Africa, and I’m inspired by Chucky Africa and all MOVE members in prison because of the strong example they set, never 
backin' down from this stagnated system after all these years (36) in prison.  This rotten system will never stop MOVE because they can’t stop life; life is MOVE’s ally, our Belief.  LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA FOREVER!  In 1977, Rizzo told the world he was going to, “drag MOVE out the house by the scruff of they neck” and MOVE wouldn’t back down.  When the house was surrounded by hundreds of armed cops, MOVE still wouldn’t back down.  MOVE kept putting out the truth, they wouldn’t stop!  36 years later MOVE is still in prison, still putting out the truth, still fighting for what’s right and that example inspires me to keep fightin' this rotten corrupt system.


Brian Africa

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Youth Continue On

Ona MOVE. My name is Will Africa.  The example I’ve seen in Chuck Africa in 1977 and 1978, when he was up on that platform of MOVE HQs putting out the truth at 17 years old, exposin' the brutality in cops, the prejudice in government, not bein' scared of the news media, speakin' JOHN AFRICA’s Guidelines so clear and strong is what inspired me.  The MOVE 9 fights consistently, no matter what this reform system comes at them with, that’s the power of JOHN AFRICA!  

Will Africa

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Janine Africa


The biggest amongst many of the things that motivates me about Janine Africa is her fight to never give up even though this government put her in prison unjustly, the 
fight to not back down when those cops are at her neck the fight to keep putting out information, like speaking on radio shows about JOHN AFRICA’S teaching, writing, & guidelines - even though this system put her in prison with the rest of the MOVE 9 to try to silence them so they cannot continue to speak the truth and continue exposing this system and letting society know exactly what they are dealing with when they are presented with false hope like this government.  The fight and strong example is only one of the long list of things that inspire me about Janine Africa.  


-Tyrell Africa

Monday, March 17, 2014

Delbert Africa

Delbert (Del) immediately before he was beaten by police.
Ona move Del, I just wanted write you to let you know much you have inspired me over the years. Through your strong, consistent example you have taught me to stay strong and never let the system beat me down. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA! The example that you and the rest of my Move family set on August 8th was very impressive and taught me how important it is to always honor the grip of the family. You are always there for me as a brother; even though I don't see you everyday I still know that I can always count on you and talk to you about my problems, and you always give me encouragement and direction. Damn, Del, that's a strong example how the cops were trying to beat you and kill on August 8th, but they ended up being the ones who were defeated. And even when they were throwing all of that tear gas in there at y'all and they might have blurred your physical vision, mentally your vision is clearer then theirs will ever be because you're fighting for life and they're going against life. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA.

Ona move,
Chad Africa

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Janet Africa

Ona move, Janet.  LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA. I haven't talked to you in a while, so I just wanted to write you a letter to catch up and see how you're doing. I know you're doing good and staying strong as always.  You might have your ups and downs like the rest of us, but you always manage to stay strong and never lose focus of what's really important and that is: to always put John Africa, our belief first.  Something that stands out about you to me is how you never let things that the system tries to throw at you get in the way of you doing your work. Even on August 8th, with 10,000 rounds of ammunition being shot at y'all, you made it out alive and stronger then ever and that is because your mind was on life and as long as you have your mind on life and what's right big mama will always protect you. Even though physically you're in imprisoned, you're still free because Move only believes in freedom; therefore you are more free than those guards who are keeping you in there.  Their body might be "free," but their mind has gotten a life sentence. Ona move, Janet.  I love you and look forward to seeing you soon, stay strong and always remember to honor the grip of the family. LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA

Love always,
Maria Africa

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Move Youth Speak on the Move 9

On The MOVE.
I love and miss my grandmother and I am working to help get her out of prison because I want to be able to see her whenever I want to see her and not have to see her when the system say I can.  I want to see her when I say I can.  I don’t want to go through a metal detector or take a long drive to see her.  I want her to be able to come to my house and see me, my brothers and sisters run in our backyard and go to the park.  But we can’t because this system is scared of how strong she is.  They’re scared she will make other people want to be strong like her and follow her example and start doing what’s right.  She’s working to stop this system from polluting the air, the water, and all the animals that live in the water, on the earth and fly in the sky.  She’s still stopping the system because she did not give up and I am following her example to keep fighting.  She’s still fighting just like she was on the platform using the bullhorn, putting out strong MOVE Law, exposing wrong.  After 36 years, Debbie is still fighting for all life.  Just because they put her in prison don’t mean she’ll give up, it means she’ll fight even harder.  
My name is Alex Africa and my grandmother is Debbie Africa.
Free The MOVE 9

Thursday, March 13, 2014

We Love You Merle, You Will Live Forever

This is an article dedicated to Merle Africa written by the Move family in 1998

Today Marks 16 years since Merle Africa died under mysterious circumstances in The State Correctional Institution in Cambridge Springs PA. Let's celebrate the life of Merle by picking up the work to fight this rotten ass system.

Merle Africa a revolutionary solider who was killed by this murderous ass reform world system. On March 13th 1998, Merle Africa was forced to die at the hands of this government, punished for a crime she didn't commit, the accusation of murder of a cop on Aug, 8th 1978, yet this system literally kills people everyday and gets away with it. On May 13th 1985, this system's politicians, headed by Wilson Goode murdered 11 of our innocent family members, 5 of them children and ain't a one of them murderous cantankerous misfits were even charged with 11 counts of murder let alone punished for it. Merle, as all innocent Move people, knows the love of life and the protection that comes with it.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New piece by Mumia for the Move 9 Chronicles

Anti-Move Propoganda 2.0 (3:16) by Mumia Abu-Jamal